Zoey is a funny, smart, good natured girl who's a delight to everyone she comes in contact with. The moment she came through the cartooninationator, she was friends with everyone.


Zoey learned to shoot from a young age when her father, Wade, would take her to the shooting range to get her practice for when she became a police officer. But her Mother, Carolyn, had other plans, causing tension between the divorced two. So it was a rough childhood.

Zoey spent her first semester of college in her dorm watching old horror movies to study for becoming a film maker. So this came in handy for when she was killing zombies not long after.

She made it from Philedalphia to the Florida Keys killing zombies the whole way. Then, when it seemed safe with only her, Francis, and Louis on a deserted island, Harold came in and offered to take them somewhere where society was still in tact. The three agreed. Zoey bacame a waitress at Club Harrison, Louis became a desk worker at George Industries, and Francis became a bartender at Club Harrison.

Not long after that, Gill made his move and Zoey was his newest and best girlfriend. They went cross country on the Gill Muzun and the Jerks Tour '11. But Zoey decided she didn't want a show-off, badass, rocker. She wanted someone who was sweet, someone who would get the Dead Giveaway avhievement in a heartbeat. But Gill found out and put her in the suspended animation chamber.

Sterling realized how wrong this was and unfroze her. She thanked him and nothing more. One day when the two were delivering a crate of M-16's to a military surplus store, they went shopping afterward. Sterling bought Zoey an expensive peridot pendant as a token of friendship. But Courtney found out, and Zoey has to explain that they're only friends, unintentionally multiplying Courtney's love for Sterling by, like, 6 because she makes Courtney think that Sterling is really, really, generous.