The Deadwood Trail!


"Okay Nuzum!" George said. He pulled the reins of the oxen pulling the covered wagon. Nuzum poked his head out of the back, where he was tending to his and Hank's families. "What is it, Hank?" He asked George. "We'll stop here to camp!" George said. They signaled for Muzun and Panselson to pull over their wagon. They all got out as the sun set and built a fire. They sat in silence, each one of them, their wives and the four boys, one of each couple. They had taken a long journey from Des Moines, Iowa, and were around what would later be called Murdo, South Dakota. They were going in search of the perfect land and, for these mining adventurers, gold.

2 days later, they arrived to the "perfect land;" They were surrounded by mountains; there was the perfect land for farming; and in a stream they found a gold nugget.

"This is it!" Hank exclaimed, cross-eyed with excitment. "What do we call this place?" Nuzum asked. "How about "Goldtown?" Muzun volunteered. "Nah, not good enough!" "The Black Hills?" "That will never stick!" (Irony?(Black Hills, South Dakota?)) "Fort HAMN?" Hank asked. "No, how about Fort Slackers? Those slackers before us didn't find it!" So they got in a huge arguement about the name, until Panselson gave up. "How about just... The Town?!" Everyone thought for a while. "That works!" Hank said. "Until we think of a name we all agree on!" agreed Muzun.

They raised a town out of the tents from their wagons and the wood from the land. They eventually met Native Americans and Settlers who moved to the town and a name was randomly thrown out, Deadwood, and though nobody understood it, that was "The Town's" new name.

The Slackers' kids had kids twenty years later, which is tradition to do at twenty-five, which was 1838, and then, twenty five years later, they had kids, so on and so forth, until 1880 when they're kids stayed for twenty years, before going back to Iowa and having kids in 1908. But in these three generations, all three Muzuns were gunslinging tough guys (like in the movies), all three Nuzums were Sheriffs, all three Georges were Mayors, and all three Panselsons were... uh... Comedians.

It was a quaint little town, all until 1874, when George Armstrong Custer showed up and raised the population up to around 5000. So the Yellow-bellies, born 1838, and the Geeks, born 1863, had to put with this sudden change. The Geeks' kids, the Dorks, born 1880, couldn't take it, and went back to the simple country shack and mines that their great-grandpas were said to have created. And when they got back, they found the mystical underground lake and all of the gold and mines gone, lost, but actually buried under the George Mansion they were then living in. For More Information about the Mines, Read: The Lost Caverns